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The 125 Fund Stories: Kai and Kieran

Kai Newton and Kieran Innes, Contemporary Media Practice, 2018 Our final year project, The Dying Mountain, is a short form documentary that explores our changing climate and specifically how this is impacting Icelandic glaciers. We travelled to the Sólheimajökull Glacier… more

The 125 Fund Stories: Maheen

Maheen Farrukh, BA Animation, 2020 I received a grant from The 125 Fund to purchase a Wacom drawing tablet. My family supports my education with difficulty and I take care of my personal expenses through part-time jobs, therefore affording anything… more

The 125 Fund Stories: Charlotte

Charlotte Fletcher, Digital Media and Communications, 2018 I received funding for an online campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the high suicide rate among men. The grant helped fund research groups, campaign materials and a URL. The online campaign… more

The 125 Fund Stories: Moonisah

Moonisah Usman, PhD Biomedical Sciences, 2019 My PhD project is about a disorder that affects over a third of the childhood population in the UK – obesity. Over the last three years I have worked immensely hard by collaborating with… more

The 125 Fund Stories: Edoardo

Edoardo Ruggiero, Business Management (Finance), 2020 “The Good Food Embassy” started as a small food stall in the Sunday market in Brick Lane but is now becoming a great business opportunity and a wonderful personal and professional experience. After several… more

Mentoring pair

Mentor the next generation

Why we need you Our mentoring scheme is growing. Last year alone, 584 students and young graduates were supported through the scheme. We are expecting even more students to apply this year. But we currently don’t have enough mentors to… more
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