Politics, pop and PCL

The 1960s musical history of the University is well known, from Jimi Hendrix’s first UK performance to the founding of Pink Floyd. A new project has begun to shift this centre of gravity slightly and examine a more recent slice…

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The 125 Fund Stories: Chloe

Chloe Payne, BA Sociology, 2018 I received funding for my dissertation project: ‘After Suicide: How are those bereaved in the UK being supported?’ which included interviewing nine participants on their experiences following bereavement by suicide. Due to the sensitive nature…

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What It Takes to Be an Effective Leader

On Wednesday 6th December, we will be joined by Westminster Alumnus, CEO of the Scouts Association and former CEO of the NUS, Matt Hyde for another What It Takes. This time, we’ll be discussing What It Takes to be an Effective Leader. We thought we’d interview the…

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The 365 Days by Nandita Narvekar

Friday 23 September 2011 was the day when I, Nandita Narvekar, started my journey for the most beautiful 365 days of my life. Dedicated to all my friends and family… This is just a summary of the days WHEN… “THE…

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