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We are delighted to announce that we have launched an international Alumni Ambassador programme. Alumni Ambassadors are active volunteers who are there to help increase University engagement in their region. This can be through cementing the University’s reputation abroad, supporting student recruitment at international recruitment fairs, and enhancing the student experience through participating in trips such as Westminster Working Cultures.

We already have Alumni Amassadors in France, Switzerland, New Zealand, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Argentina, Colombia and Brazil, alongside the alumni committees in Delhi, Hong Kong and Washington DC.

So that you can get to know them, we asked three of our Alumni Ambassadors: what were your highlights of studying at Westminster?

Raminta Winzeler (Business Economics BScH, 2009), Ambassador for Switzerland

“I chose to study at the University of Westminster partially because of the location. I really loved being in the buzz of Central London, studying at Baker Street every day. I met a lot of brilliant, international students with whom I am still very good friends with today.

“London is a great place to be while you are studying. It offers so much to do, cultural activities, connections and a network from all over the world that will stay with you.”


Verónica Posada Álvarez (Art and Visual Culture MA, 2017), Ambassador for Colombia

“I had some of the best times of my life studying at Westminster. I’ve not only learnt a lot about Cultural Studies and to critically read our reality; I’ve also discovered another me, a Verónica that I love and that I enjoy discovering more and more every day.

“London and the University of Westminster taught me that we could always reinvent ourselves in order to reinterpret our reality and to create a friendlier environment for us and for the people that surround us.”


Mélanie Marechal (Communication MA, 2011), Ambassador for France

“The first day I arrived I discovered the British habit of calling everyone “love”. It was crazy but I was so excited to embark in this adventure. It will be hard to sum up my year in only a few sentences but my highlights were: living on the campus with direct access to the bar and the club, being so close to the centre of London, studying in every Costa I could find on my way, getting lost on the hill in Harrow and all the time I spent in the library at crazy hours in the morning and, most of all, the wonderful people I met.”


Click here to find out more about our International Alumni Ambassadors. If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador for your country, contact for more information.


Fern Pearson

Fern Pearson

Alumni and Development Assistant at University of Westminster
Fern Pearson

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