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The Role of BIM Manager

Posted on: 16 November 2012
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The role of BIM Manager – should the QS’s take this space?

Is the quantity surveyor best placed to take on the role of BIM manager; is there a need for such a role? and what should the RICS being doing about it?  These are the questions posed by David Bucknall, Chair of the RICS QS & Construction Professional Group to a collection of academics from numerous universities from around the country.  David has for sometime advocated that the QS profession should be exploiting the opportunities presented by BIM and was keen, along with Alan Muse, Director of Built Environment to know what academics were doing about BIM.

The format of the meeting, held in Boardroom of the RICS impressively overlooking Big Ben, was an informal discussion structured around those key questions.  The discussions demonstrated a wide variety of understanding on the subject, however my conclusions are:

  1. The skills and competencies of QS’s will still be required in the BIM-era
  2. The question is whether these skills will be utilised working as independent professionals or within large contracting organisations?
  3. The future for QS’s must be on providing value-adding services and right now that means demonstrating how the 20% reduction in costs can be achieved.
  4. It is recognised that the industry needs to change and the RICS view is that it needs to keep working with the CIC to ensure a single voice is heard by Government.  Collaboration being an often repeated term.
  5. Industry change needs to be based on a culture of collaboration.

It was difficult to discern the desired outcomes from the meeting and hence whether they were achieved.  The questions were discussed, but without any clear conclusions; although David did highlight clear actions for the RICS.  Suffice to say, the meeting finished on time!

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