Blackboard Ultra Release April 2021 (v3900.10.0)

In the April release there are a number of new features coming to Blackboard. Here is a short video that goes over the improvements to the rich text editor and an update to the release conditions. 
These changes will appear on Westminster’s live Blackboard system from 1st April 2021.

Rich Text Editor Improvements

The new additions to the rich text editor are:
  • Clear formatting​​​​​​​
  • Text alignment
  • Line height
  • Undo
screenshot of the new improvements to the rich text editor

Release Conditions by Members or Groups (Formerly Conditional Availability)

Instructor will now be able to assign content to specific students or groups on the module. Alongside the existing rules in Ultra (date/time and performance), instructors can allow specific students to have access to specific content.
screenshot of the release condition options
screenshot of the release condition options

Assignment with Peer Review for Qualitative Peer Assessment

Qualitative peer review can be enabled for an assignment, if you would like to find out more send an email to

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