How to setup a Blackboard Assignment?

Go to “Submit Coursework” folder inside the ‘Assessment’ section of your module’s content area. Click on the “+” icon and press ‘Create’.
Create Assignment
This will open a ‘Create Item’ panel on right hand side with a list of items to choose from; select “Assignment”.
create Item
Name your assignment exactly as it is named in the SRSweb module ‘Assessment Pattern Name’  (please see at the bottom of this page the Assessment naming convention)
Name Assignment

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Setting Blackboard Assignment options

Click on the ‘cogwheel’ icon on the right side to open the setting panel.
assignment settings
  1. Set the Assignment due date and time.
  2. Use the default ‘Mark category’ ‘Assignment’
  3. You can choose how many times a student is allowed to submit. It is recommended to allow two or three attempts.
  4. Always Mark using ‘Points’


  5. Maximum points are always 100.


  6. For anonymous marking, select this option and the students names will be hidden when marking.


  7. An existing rubric or new marking rubric can be associated with the assignment using this option.


  8. It is recommended to enable safeAssign option for all assignments.


  9. Do not forget to save the assignment setting.
assignment settings
assignment settings

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How to add a description or content to a Blackboard Assignment?

To add content, click on “+” button as shown in the picture below. Here you can ‘Add text’ to add a description, attach a file or you can also add questions types. 
Adding content in assignment

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Marking Blackboard Assignments

To find all the information about marking Blackboard assignment, follow this link. 
Assessment naming convention
It is recommended  to name an 
assignment based on the ‘Assessment Pattern Nmae’ found on SRSweb. 
To get the right name go to and select Module Search.
Enter the Module Code 
Under the Assessment pattern(s) copy the name from Assessment Name column and paste it in the title of the assignment you are creating.

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