There are a number of new features coming to Blackboard in August. Here is a short video that goes over the new features.
These changes will appear on Westminster’s live Blackboard system from 6th August 2021. 

Ultra: Navigation menu

The Ultra navigation menu has had a revamp and the top menu is now text based instead of icon. It has also moved to the left hand side of the page. Also, Blackboard have made the top menu sticky and this means when you’re scrolling in your module site, the top menu is accessible.
Additionally, the Student Preview tool will be moved to the right hand side and is no longer found in the details and actions menu. This will allow you to access student preview wherever you’re on a module page.
navigation menu

Ultra calendar: Links

Ultra now supports hyperlinks in the calendar location field. Instructors can link any virtual tool of their choice in the calendar event, and students can launch the virtual session from the calendar itself.
calendar links

Ultra peer review: Submission linking

This release adds new functionality to the peer review assignments. Now, instructors can access the submissions reviewed by a student right from that student’s grading panel. They can easily select a specific submission and grade a student’s review in context.
peer review submission linking

Ultra gradebook: Advanced filtering options

There are now advanced filtering options in the gradebook. You will be able to filter by students, groups, markable items and categories such as assignments, discussions and journals.
Additionally, the upload and download gradebook and settings have now moved to the right hand side.

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