Blackboard Collaborate will be receiving a number of new features in the December update, the update will be released on 10th December 2020

Large sessions support for up to 1000 attendees (postponed)

Blackboard has postponed the release of this feature to address performance issues in particular use cases. They’re working on a fix and the page will be updated once the feature has been released.
The session will need to be in webinar mode to be able to support up to 1000 attendees. To create a session in webinar mode, go to the session settings and select Allow 250+ attendees to join. To help manage the increased number of attendees, webinar sessions have these limitations.
  • Webinar sessions can’t be longer than 24 hours in length
  • Guests must be assigned the participant role
  • Participant permissions are turned off
  • Breakout groups aren’t available

Chat mentions

Now attendees can tag someone in Chat when they mention them. Anyone tagged is notified so they don’t miss it. Type the at (@) symbol and start typing who in the session you want to tag. Select the name when it appears in the list. Moderators are identified with a MOD label so they are easy to find.

Message formatting 

The Rich Text Editor has been updated in the Chat panel. Now attendees will be able to format their message which will allow them to embolden, underline and italicize their message. 

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