Blackboard Ultra Release December 2020 (v3900.2.0)

In the December release there are new features coming to Journals, Feedback Release Settings and Blackboard Annotate. These changes will appear on Westminster’s live Blackboard system from 3rd December 2020.
Journals Enhancements
  • Participation view can now support over 1,000 students at once (previously up to 50 students were supported).
  • Instructors can see when students post new journals and comments, and can view a single submission.
  • Instructors can use Ultra’s grading tools, including feedback and rubrics, to create and post grades.
  • To allow instructors more varied access, both participation and submission views link to the gradebook.
  • By default, students will be allowed to delete and edit their journal entries and comments, but instructors can also now choose to disable this permission.
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Feedback Release Settings 
Instructors can enable more granular controls on when and what type of feedback is given to students when taking an assessment.
  • Instructors can set up timed release to automated feedback, correct answers and questions scores.
  • Control when to show feedback: after submission, after due date, at a specific date or after the assessment is graded.
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In the Student List View, instructors will receive column sorting options and enhanced page controls for both large and small devices.
Blackboard Annotate
Instructors can create multiple comments in Blackboard Annotate without needing to select the comment tool for every comment they add. The comment tool will get de-selected if an instructor scrolls through the document, but once they fit the document to the screen, the comment tool will stay selected.
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