Group enhancements

Blackboard redesigned the group set configuration page to improve performance and allow large courses to be more stable.
  • A search bar now makes it easier to search for specific students and helps filter the display of unassigned students by search criteria. The bar shows predicted results and only unassigned students will be displayed (1).
  • If you have a large module with over a 100 students, you can now choose how many students are displayed per page The maximum number of students that can be displayed is 96 (2).
The short video below demonstrates the new group enhancements.
overview of the group enhancements

Overall Grade

Previously, the overall grade prompt would be appear in the gradebook without being able to hide it. This new feature will allow instructor to permanently dismiss the prompt if they don’t intend to use the overall grade function. Click on ‘Hide this message’ and the prompt to set up the overall grade will no longer appear in the gradebook.


hiding the prompt to setup overall grade

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