Go to Panopto https://westminster.hosted.panopto.com/
Log in with your Blackboard user name and password. 
As shown in figure 1 below, from the left menu bar select 1 Browse.
Enter module code or name for the module folder you require in search box 2 Search all folders then hit return or click on the magnifying glass.  Ultra module folders begin with MODULE: (2020) module code module name.
Browse Assignment
In the module folder on the top right click the grey cog cog  Folder Settings, as shown below in Figure 2.  This will open a new window with the Folder Settings.
In the menu on the top right in Overview you can edit the Description and create your assignment folder by clicking on Create Assignment Folder.
Create Folder
  1. Name Folder name
  2. Overview contains Folder Information.
  3. Name folder name DO NOT CHANGE, as the name is linked to student attendance reporting.
  4. Parent Folder
  5. Description edit the description of the assignment by clicking edit.
  6. Create Assignment Folder click to create an assignment folder.
Now that the Assignment Folder is created, you can go back to Blackboard and create the assignment.
Go to the module that you want the assignment to be placed.
Go down to a line in the module content where you want to place the assignment and click on the (+)
Go to Module
Now Click on ‘Create’
Click Create

Select ‘Assignment’

Click on the cog and make sure that the settings are what you want for attempts and due date.
Assignment settings
Then add the Text description and instructions that your students will need to do the assignment.
Click on the (+) under ‘ Use this space to build your assignment ’
Click on the Add Text
Give the students a direct link in the text to the Panopto Module folder, so they can easily upload their video to Panopto.  They will need to place their video in the Assignment Folder that you created.
When they have uploaded their video, they need to refresh the Panopto window in the browser,
Check that they have put their name and  student ID in the name of the recording.
Then they will need to click on the Share icon  share link 
Copy the Share link
Then Go back to the Blackboard assignment submission page, select Add Content
Submission Page
Select the Link Icon, highlighted below
Highlighted text
Then paste their Panopto video link here.
Paste link
Click Insert, then they click on Submit.  To submit the assignment.
When the closing date for the assignment happens, you will need to put a reminder in your Calendar to close the Panopto folder.
You can do this from Blackboard, by clicking on Books & Tools and select Panopto folder from right hand menu.
Then when the LTI opens on the Folder, select the Settings cogcog
Then select the ‘Close’ under the Assignment Folder in the text.
close folder
This will now prevent any further uploads to the Assignment Folder in https://westminster.hosted.panopto.com
You can now review the videos yourself that are in the folder and give them marks in the gradebook in Blackboard.
You can check the assignment is working correctly before you make it available by entering student preview mode and doing a submission yourself.
When the Assignment date is passed and you have closed the Panopto Assignment Folder,
Go to the Blackboard Grade book in the Module
And you will see all the submissions and you can open them and go through the submissions and click on the video links that they have given and then grade the assignment as normal.
Blackboard Gradebook
Assignment Preview

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