The Student Module Evaluation (SME) is a University wide survey that enables your students to provide constructive feedback on the design and delivery of the modules they are taking.   
 If you are the main Module Leader with overall responsibility for a module, you will have access to the SME Blackboard dashboard. The dashboard will display the following information:  
Modules codes and titles for each module you are responsible for. 
  • Each evaluation start and end date.  
  • A current response rate score. 
  • A final response rate score once the evaluation closes. 
  • Access to a PDF report (quantitative & qualitative data) immediately after the evaluation ends. 
  • Access to historical module reports 

Dashboard Access

Log into Blackboard 
 1. Go to Courses 

Image showing the process of module evaluation

 2. Select any module running during this academic year.  
 3. Click on books and tools 

Image showing the process of module evaluation

4. Click on Student Module Evaluation – on the right-hand side menu.

Image showing the process of module evaluation

5. You should see a dashboard like this: 

Image showing the process of module evaluation

If you are unable to access the dashboard 
If after following the above steps you see the message below, it means that your email address held by Blackboard differs from the email address held by the SME database.  The two must be identical to ensure the dashboard is accessible 

Image showing the process of module evaluation

Please forward  a screenshot of your email address, as it appears within your Blackboard profile  to: 

Evaluation Question Set 

The evaluation question set for your school can be found here. , View the evaluation questions for your School 

Report response scale 

The report response scale is as follows: 
5 – Definitely agree 
4 – Mostly agree 
3 – Neither agree/disagree 
2 – Mostly disagree 
1 – Definitely disagree 
0 – Not applicable 
Last Updated July/2021

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