How to set up online Timed Assessment Submissions on Blackboard Guide for Academic Staff
Before creating a submission, please ensure the process that you plan to use has been approved by your College or School and, that you have filled in the Online Exam Rubric template and included it at the start of your paper.
NOTE: The instructions below are written for circumstances where students are required to write answers into a file on their own computer, and then submit that file within a 24-hour period to either Turnitin or the Blackboard Assignment submission system. If a Timed Assessment involves a short answer Blackboard test the guidance below will need to be slightly adapted to take account of this. The main change is likely to be in section 3 where a link to the short answer test would need to be included, rather than a coursework submission link.
There are 5 main steps that need to be followed to deploy a Timed Assessmnet via Blackboard. You must:
  1. Create a dedicated timed assessment folder at the top of the module’s content area.
  2. Inside this folder, upload a Microsoft Word or PDF document, which includes the online timed assessment questions and any instructions, with availability time restrictions set for the 24-hour period (or other agreed time period) relevant to the online timed assessment.
  3. In the folder, create an assignment submission link (either a Turnitin or a Blackboard Assignment) again with time restrictions for the 24-hour period (or other agreed time period) relevant to the assessment.
  4. In the same folder, create a discussion board for students to post queries they may have about the timed assessment.
  5. Once you have marked the assessments, and for the Grade Journey  process to work (automated transfer of Marks from Blackboard to SITS) you will need to Post the marks to allow Registry to extract grades to SITS.
PLEASE NOTE: During the set-up processes described below you will have to enter the start and end date/time of the assessment up to 3 times.
1. Create a dedicated assessment folder that will appear at the top of the page in the ‘content’ area. Once in the relevant Blackboard site:
Under Content, hover over the first line until you see a + symbol with a purple line, click on the + symbol and select ‘Create’.
screenshot of how to add content
A panel will open on the right-hand side, select ‘Folder’ and name it ‘Timed Assessment’ and make sure in the drop-down menu to select ‘Visible to students’ and click on save.
screenshot of selecting folder
screenshot of renaming folder to timed assessment
This will now create a folder called ‘Timed Assessment’ at the top of the page in the content area.
screenshot of the timed assessment folder
Click on the ‘Timed Assessment’ folder to open it. You can then add:
  • The Online Timed Assessment paper with the questions and any instructions, timed to appear for the required 24 hours.
  • An assignment submission link for the students to submit their assessment answers, also timed for 24 hours.
  • A discussion board for students to post any queries they may have about the timed assessment.
2. Add the online timed assessment paper and instructions
After you have opened the ‘Timed Assessment’ folder, click on ‘Upload’ to browse your computer to locate the word document or PDF that has the exam questions and any instructions and select open. The document will now upload and appear in the folder.
screenshot of selecting upload in the timed assessment folder
You may need to edit the name of the document you have just uploaded so that it appears as ‘[insert module code] Timed Assessment’. To edit the name, hover over the document and click on the 3 dots and select ‘Edit’
screenshot of editing the title of document
A panel will open the right-hand side, hover over the title of the document and click the pencil icon to edit the name and then click ‘Save’ at the bottom.
screenshot of editing the title
The document will now appear in the ‘Timed Assessment’ folder. You will now need to set the availability of the document. Click on ‘Hidden from students’ and select ‘Release conditions’.
Screenshot of changing the status to release conditions
A panel will open on the right-hand side. Check the date/time box and ensure the availability of this document is set for the 24-hour period that has been agreed (example below) and then click the ‘Save’ button. (If an alternative window of availability has been agreed for a timed assessment then set the availability accordingly).
screenshot of the release condition options
Once the release conditions have been set, hover over where it says ‘Available based on date’ to ensure that you have set the correct date and time. See below for an example.
screenshot of the timed assessment conditions
3. Add an assignment submission link for the timed assessment
Use the links below to find detailed guidance on creating either a Turnitin submission link or a Blackboard Assignment link.
Please note the additional steps below that must be followed for either Turnitin or Blackboard Assignment links when creating them for online timed assessments
Every assignment link must make use of the availability options in either the creation of a Turnitin or Blackboard Assignment link, so that the University policy for a 24-hour window (except in circumstances where a different time window has been agreed) for the online timed assessment is adhered to.
There is no need to set the Timed Assessment to be marked anonymously.
For Turnitin Assignments
  • The Start Date must be set as the start date and time of the agreed 24-hour period of availability for the online timed assessment.
  • The Due Date must be set as the END date of the 24-hour period for the exam (except in circumstances where a different time window has been agreed).
  • Under ‘Optional Settings’ the assignment should be set to NOT allow late submissions (i.e. make sure that the ‘allow late submission box’ is not ticked)
  • ALLOW submission of any file
  • IMPORTANT Set the ‘Post Date’ for 10:00 am on 31 December
  • NB You will need to manually post the grades while the column is hidden for the Grade Journey process to work.
  • If you are using a grading rubric, attach it in the normal
  • NOTE: If students need to submit multiple files to fulfil the assessment requirements (e.g. a Word file and an Excel file) then you will need to create separate submission links (named appropriately) or use Blackboard Assignment for the submission (see 3.2 below) which can accept multiple files via one submission link.
  • See example settings for a Turnitin assignment below:
example settings for turnitin
example settings for turnitin
For Blackboard Assignments
The Due Date must be set as the End of the 24-hour period (or alternative agreed time period) from when the students have access to the online timed assessment paper and the online timed assessment submission link, click on the date and time to adjust (see example below).
editing the due date
The assignment should allow a minimum of 2 attempts to submit it. To allow for any technical issues the students may have upon attempting to submit, and as smooth an experience at their end in re-submitting if necessary, within the 24-hour period (or alternative agreed time period). Click on the ‘attempts’ to make changes.
editing the attempts allowed
To enable the check for plagiarism, click on ‘Enable Originality Report’ under the ‘SafeAssign’ heading.
enabling the originality report
A panel will open on the right-hand side, click again on ‘Enable Originality Report’.
enabling the originality report
Select ‘Check submissions for plagiarism with SafeAssign’, click on the X next to SafeAssign to save these settings.
enabling the originality report
To set the availability, click on ‘Hidden from students’ in the top right-hand side and select ‘Release conditions’.
changing the release conditions
Check the Date/Time box AND ensure that the ‘Show on’ and ‘Hide after’ is set to the end of the 24-hour period (or alternative agreed time period), once set, click on save.
setting the release conditions
Check that the submission slot has been correctly created, and that it is available from precisely the same time as the online timed assessment paper.
NOTE: Please ensure you apply the 24-hour conditional availability at this stage, otherwise you will need to do this step when you are posting the marks.
screenshot of when students will be able to access the content
4.  Add a Discussion Board to the ‘Timed Assessment’ area
 In the ‘Timed Assessment’ folder follow the instructions in this guide to create a Discussion Board for your students to post queries about the timed assessment. Title the discussion board as ‘Post any queries you have about the Timed Assessment Paper here’.
After you have created the Discussion Board the ‘Timed Assessment’ folder, it should look as below.
screenshot of what the timed assessment folder will contain
5. How to hide columns and post grades
For Registry to extract the marks from Blackboard into SITS, the assessment columns need to be posted. However, you must ensure that the column is hidden to avoid the grades being released to students.
When you setup the assessment, if you have hidden the folder or the Assessment link ( as per the guide step 1-4) from the students, then you will only need to Post the grade as Step 2. Please check the assessment link is showing as hidden.
If however the Assessment link is not hidden, please First Hide the Assessment link and then Post as below.
Step 1 – To Hide Assessment Link:
Go to the Course Content area, select the Online Timed Assignment, and from the drop-down menu SelectHidden from Students” as below.  This will put a line through the Assignment link in both the course content area and Gradebook. You are now in position to Post the grades and students will not see their grades.
OTA link hide 
Step 2 – How To Post Grades:
The Timed Assessment column needs to be ‘Posted’ for the grades to be transferred to SITS. To do this, click the Gradebook icon within the blackboard module site
screenshot of the gradebook icon
Find the Timed Assessment and click on ‘Post grades’
screenshot of post grades
After clicking on Post Grades, you may get a popup message, as below.
As long as the Timed Assessment link is showing as Hidden ( a line going across the image) you should be fine to click on Post All Grades.
post grade all

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