Have you got what it takes?

Our volunteers will make the Games happen, we call them London 2012 Games Makers. Have you got what it takes?

Check our website on www.london2012.com/get-involved/volunteer and find out. We’ve included everything you will need to know to decide if being a Games Maker is for you, and if not, how else you can get involved in London 2012 and other volunteering opportunities.

Follow these steps to find out what being a Games Maker is all about:

  1. For an introduction, watch the short film.
  2. For the detail, read about the London 2012 Games Maker programme – from the difference between generalist and specialist Games Makers to whether you’re eligible.
  3. Finally, to find out if you’ve got what it takes to be a Games Maker, take the London 2012 Games Maker challenge.

Applications open to the general public on 15 September, so you’ve plenty of time to decide whether you want to apply.

Berekhet Berakhy

Berekhet engages students and third sector organisations to explore volunteering, voluntary work and social enterprise for the mutual benefit of personal, professional and community development. Through this role, Berekhet contributes to achievement of the University’s CSR’s key objectives linked to Community Engagement, Students’ Employability and Experience.

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