The University of Westminster works closely with Sannam S4 to provide an education consultancy and support in India. Sannam S4 provide Westminster with a range of services including Graduate Development Services which offers assistance with finding suitable employment for graduates in India.

Having a degree these days is a great first step towards getting a job, but it certainly does not guarantee a new graduate placement in today’s tough employment market. Employers have a greater pool of talent to choose from and students increasingly have to outperform their peers to secure the jobs they want.

Enhancing your employability through the Graduate Development Services of Sannam S4

  • Corporates Links: We will match your skill sets with company requirements to provide you with a platform to present your credentials to them
  • Advisory Services: We will provide additional support, by investing dedicated time to help you with your interview
  • Tracking: Six months into your course, we will send you an email alerting you to the need for considering future career paths, offering our help regarding formulating winning CVs, researching jobs in areas of interest and helping you acquire skills which match the requirements of your potential employers. We will keep in touch with you through Skype and emails
  • Newsletters: A newsletter once every 8 weeks which will provide nuggets of information on industry trends, career planning and development, writing a resume, tips on appearing for interviews etc

We invite applicants from class of 2014 with the following qualifications:

  • M.Sc. in Computer Science/ IT Core
  • MBA with a first degree in Engineering any stream
  • M.Sc. Engineering with an area of specialization in Mechanical, Civil or Chemical
  • M.Sc. Finance & Accounts
  • M.Sc. Management: Marketing and Business, International Business, International Marketing

For a free registration to Sannam S4 Graduate Development Services Click Here

Once registered, we will email you directly on the next steps.

Please note, this special enrolment offer is free and is valid for the month of July 2014.

Westminster India Alumni Network
We want to assist our Indian graduates returning home to find employment through our Alumni Network. A growing community of over 800 successful professionals and Westminster alumni will assist our graduates with internships, job placement opportunities and mentoring. For more information about getting involved, contact:

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