We have an exciting opportunity with The Volunteering Services at the University of Westminster. We need an individual with experience in developing interactive animations to help create a new visual experience to engage students. You will be in charge of creating the project from the ground up which can help you boost your skills and CV!

We are looking for an individual who will be able to create an original animation specifically for the sole purpose of student information and engagement. There will be a script provided but imagination and initiative are appreciated, even encouraged. Your work will be displayed on the University website and credited to you. You will be able to leave your individual mark on the University of Westminster landscape as this project will allow for individuality of the creator. This is a unique opportunity for a very talented Westminster student.

You will be working on this project yourself, guided by the Volunteering Team in order to complete the project before the start of the next academic year. This opportunity can be done from home or from the campus library. If you do not have access to a computer at home or to the campus library we would be able to arrange for you to come in. We would also be able to provide a reference upon completion of the project.

•Experience in developing animation
•Ability to work to a deadline
•Ability to create an original piece of animation

Skills Gained:
•Course specific experience
•Addition to portfolio with a highly visible product
•Ability to create and develop an animation project from the ground up
•CV boost

This is a volunteering opportunity however out of pocket expenses will be compensated.


To apply please send a CV, a brief cover letter and an example of your previous animation (if available) to volunteering@westminster.ac.uk. Your animation choices can include personal projects as well as University coursework. The deadline for applications is 30th of June. To view the position on Engage please use the link provided.



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