So you have been invited for a recruitment day for a job and as part of the assessment process you are required to take a psychometric test. Unsure of what it’s all about? Want to know how you can best prepare for it? This guest blog from Practice Aptitude Tests shows us the tricks!

Q? What are Psychometric Tests?

Psychometric tests are assessments, which are designed to identify personality traits, assess your ability in key skills areas – typically assessing your numeracy, comprehension and logical reasoning skills. They are used by employers because they are a good way to sift through high volumes of applicants. They are widely regarded as being good indicators of future job performance (how well you work with other people, whether you have the intellectual ability to cope with the demands of the job, and how you handle stress) making them a popular tool amongst hiring managers.

  1. Q) How can I prepare for psychometric tests?

Like most things in life the more you do something the better you get at it. 

Practising tests is time consuming so it’s important that you maximise the efficiency of the time you invest so here are some top tips to help you pass first time.

  1. Practise as many questions as possible prior to sitting your assessment. Ensure you practice high quality tests developed by Chartered Occupational Psychologists – these are the professionals who develop the test publisher assessments. The Career Development Centre has subscriptions to some useful practice resources.
  2. Practise under timed conditions – time pressure is what makes psychometric tests difficult. Get used to working quickly but accurately under time pressure.
  3. Stick to timings – it’s very important that if you get stuck you move on. You may find questions you find easier questions follow.
  4. Practise under exam conditions – this means with a pen and rough paper, the calculator you intend to use on the day and in a quiet environment.
  5. Research your employer’s assessments – find out what psychometric assessments you are going to be asked to sit. This information will normally be communicated to you by your assessor or on their careers website.
  6. Practise the questions you find hardest – everyone likes doing what they are good at but if you want to improve you need to practise the questions you find most challenging.
  7. Review the questions you get wrong – spend time reviewing the questions you get wrong after each practise test. After reviewing the answer make of note of the question you got wrong and go back and try it again.
  8. Brush up on the basics – Numerical reasoning tests are the most widely used psychometric tests by employers. These assessments measure your numeracy through questions requiring the interpretation of graphs, tables and charts. There are key skills, which you must be competent in to pass.  These are calculating:
  • Basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Percentage increase & decrease
  • Calculating simplified ratios
  • Calculating percentages

A good way to remind yourself of these skills is to watch these free video tutorials.

  1. Read the instructions carefully – before you being the assessment you will be presented with a set of instructions. Make sure you understand them because they will contain useful information for example how long the assessment is and how many questions you need to answer in the time allowed. Use this information to work out how long you have to answer each question.  This is very important because sticking to timings is key to success.
  2. Believe in yourself – Psychometric tests are time pressured and can be stressful. Provided that you have thoroughly prepared for your assessment by practising as many good quality questions as possible prior to your assessment then you should feel confident.

The Career Development Centre can also help you on preparing for psychometric testing. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are in need!


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