Psychological research has identified volunteering as a beneficial medium in social inclusion aiding in combating isolation and helping community integration. Furthermore, volunteering can help gain vital employability skills that facilitate personal and professional development. Mental well-being and mental acuity. Both integral parts of student development during their academic career.  While it is true that friendships made during University may last a lifetime, the graduate attributes gained can also provide life-long gains. The students in our Volunteering Booklet 2015/2016 have shown that both can be achieved.

It is common knowledge what the core aspects of potentially employable graduates are: leadership, communication and teamwork. However, here at the University of Westminster we look further. We delve into necessary skills and attributes a graduate will need to possess in order to excel in their respective field. This is why our curriculum is shaped around five key Graduate Attributes. These attributes will support our students to become highly employable, globally engaged and socially responsible.


The students represented in our Volunteering Booklet exhibit just a small fraction of the possible avenues these graduate attributes can be achieved however they do paint a clear picture of possibilities. It is possible to enhance your employability by turning you passion or hobby into a social or ethical enterprise. You have the chance to help your peers while simultaneously increasing your potential for future employment. Every volunteering opportunity can help you gain many, if not all, of these attributes.

These 15 Volunteering Stories are just the tip of the iceberg. Volunteering is a big part of Westminster life. Combined our students donate 24,000 hours of volunteering time annually. That is 1,000 days. Almost 3 years. Although many students who donated these hours have now left, this just means that you have the chance to help shape a new landscape for future generations. You will lay a foundation for a change towards a better future, a change that will reverberate across cultures, societies and global communities.


P.S If you want to explore different volunteering opportunities why not look on Engage or attend our Volunteering Fairs. The first one will be held in Cavendish Campus and it is our FST Volunteering/Work Experience Fair being held on the 12th of October 2016, from 1.30pm until 4pm.


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