The Career Development Centre is proud to present our brand new Volunteering Stories 2015/2016. Stories of students just like you who, through volunteering, have made significant contributions not only to their own development but also for the benefit of society and the creation of a better world for us all. You may have seen them walking past you in the corridor, they may be your Course Reps or maybe they are your friends sitting beside you.

These students have developed leadership, communication, planning and organising skills, not to mention the commitment, tenacity and vision to bring each project to success. Through their volunteering these students have attained the necessary Graduate Attributes that can help them excel in their future fields and increase their potential employability. Every volunteering opportunity can help you gain many, if not all, of these attributes. Some volunteering roles will help you to develop particular strengths in certain areas. All of these remarkable achievements establish a theme of cultural interaction and life-long learning that is more than the sum of its parts, the results of which will reverberate across the University, across society, cultures and global communities.

Read their Volunteering Stories for yourself and discover what you too can gain from exploring the thousands of opportunities that exist for volunteering or using your creativity to lead on a project of your own. Perhaps, like Raghad or Sanusi, you strive to help everyone have opportunities for a successful future. It may be that, like Kiu and Rory, your intentions are to aid growth by volunteering with internal University societies. Possibly, like Triple H, you would like to unite students in a common goal to help those around you. Regardless of what volunteering opportunity you want to donate your time to, whether course related or hobby, you too can gain not just employability attributes but be part of shaping the future.


P.S If you want to explore the possibilities volunteering can bring why not check Engage or better yet attend on of our Volunteering Fairs. Our first one is coming up on the 12th of October and it is the FST Volunteering/Work Experience Fair running from 1.30pm until 4pm.

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