It’s Global Entrepreneurship Week this week 14-18th November! That’s ‘GEW’ for short, and at Westminster we are keen to help students set up their own businesses, if you’ve got the ideas and entrepreneurial spirit! Each morning this week we will be showcasing the unique ideas and projects from our very own UoW entrepreneurs, here on the blog! We will also be posting entrepreneurial related news, events, and top tips across our social media platforms! Keep your eyes peeled now!

To kick off, we’ve invited ‘Slava’ (full name Viacheslav Baranovskiy), an international student sponsored by the Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Scheme through the university, to share his entrepreneurial top tips with you!

Slava graduated earlier this year at Westminster with a Masters in International Business and Management. Here he briefly talks about his project, Eligent: ‘Eligent is a cloud-based multi-platform tool for teamwork online. The tool has intuitive interface and accent to the simplicity of usage. It’s suitable for small and medium size team, freelancers and students who are looking for a simple task manager for their online collaboration.’

You may even have come across Eligent as currently the tool is used by Westminster students on the entrepreneurial course for their course works as a pilot project. If you haven’t tried it yet, Slava invites you to have a look, and free registration is available at! He is also running workshops about Eligent task manager, ‘My next upcoming workshop will be on 22 November at TBE Club.

Slava is also a fellow of Startup Leadership Program London 2017 with Eligent task manager. With all this entrepreneurial experience, we’ve asked him to share his top tips for budding entrepreneurs!

1) Start developing your idea into some prototype tomorrow. It takes months of continuous hard work before you get some product or service suitable for the market. Time is a critical factor for startup as in just the duration of a year, you can get much more competitions on the market.

2) Start building your professional network as soon as possible. Your network is your initial media channel for presenting and distributing your idea. Your teachers, course leaders, mentors can play significant role in your entrepreneurial future. 

3) Don’t wait for some magic moment when people will come to you to offer help or to collaborate. Take the initiative to ask if you need help, come with ideas you want to do together. Find your team members/co-founders to develop your idea efficiently. Success is always team award, not individual.

Thanks Slava for these nuggets of wisdom!

Careers Consultant& Business Coach -Elishba Zachariah manages the T1 Graduate Entrepreneur Scheme, if you would like to find out more, or seek support to kick-start your business ideas, book a Quick Query appointment on Engage or by phone 02079115184!



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