How is everyone enjoying Global Entrepreneur Week 2016 so far? Did you follow the action on our Twitter feed as we attended the NACUE Varsity Pitch Final 2016? SO proud to see Westminster student Lister Rossel with his pitch on RJAM and alumna Diane Florescu present her app TakeMeOut! Even though they didn’t go home with the grand prize we have no doubt they will continue to develop their product. Watch this space!

Lister, an international student who graduated from Westminster earlier this year with an MA in Audio Production shares with us how he came up with his innovative idea, RJAM.

Lister, what problem is your project looking to solve?

‘RJam is based in the observation that “sometimes there is just not enough time to go out and rehearse with other musicians”. This insight involves musicians that have a day job, but also people that want to develop their musical skills, and being active with their own social media.’

.. .And so RJam was created! It is an app that allows users to create collaborative music through video multi-tracks in simple steps. The recorded and merged video multi-track can be shared in the social media. Also, RJam works as a social platform, where users are able to meet new musical peers by creating open sessions.

Lister shows that distance is no barrier when dreaming up business ideas! ‘RJam came up through a conversation with one of my current business partners, who is a software developer and also a musician. He lives in Los Angeles and I am currently in London, so we communicate via Skype or Google Hangout. One day we were brainstorming about how to create music by distance, and that’s how RJam emerged.’


Lister, before entering the Varsity Pitch Final, you entered the NACUE and Westminster Big Ideas Competition, and won £1000! However we know that starting a business is not all rosy. What are some of the barriers that you face as a young entrepreneur?

‘As a young entrepreneur, the barriers are related to the amount of time that ideas take to become real and concrete. On the other hand, that waiting has had a positive impact, since during that period we have improved the interface and concept through focus groups with music students at the University. This allows us to better understand the essence of our product.

What support have you had to help you overcome these?

Events such as “Big Ideas Competition” are an incredible support. To have the opportunity to talk about a project, discuss its goals, and receive feedback from professionals from NACUE was very helpful. When I received the £1,000 prize, immediately I felt encouraged and confident, because the idea was reaching others.

Lister also encourages budding entrepreneurs to seek support, advice and feedback from more experienced mentor who understands the industry and could oversee the development of the project.

The Career Development Centre is here to support you to kick-start your business ideas, whether it is help with getting your elevator pitch perfect, securing funding for your start up, or signposting you to other sources of help! Careers Consultant & Business Coach -Elishba Zachariah manages the T1 Graduate Entrepreneur Scheme, if you would like to find out more book a Quick Query appointment on Engage, or via the phone 02079115184!

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