We’ve been soaking up all things entrepreneurial here at the CDC this week as we celebrate the final day of Global Entrepreneur Week 2016. Today, wrapping up the thread of Westminster Entrepreneurs, we hear from one of last year’s finalists of the Mayor of London Entrepreneur competition and the Hult Prize – Dennis G Lucan.

What was the inspiring idea that took Dennis and his team to set up a social enterprise?  Let’s find out, and follow his journey.

Dennis G Lucan, a Business Management – Entrepreneurship student at Westminster, formed a team and together they founded a social enterprise called Mush+. Dennis explains the idea behind Mush+: ‘it is maximising the potential of coffee grounds through the creation of sustainable micro-environments for growing mushrooms whilst reducing carbon emissions.” Ahh! While it takes minimal effort for us to purchase a cup of coffee from the local café, how many of us are actually aware of the issue of coffee waste and disposal, and the increased amounts of carbon emissions related to it? Using the coffee wastes to grow mushrooms – that sounds like a creative idea to address this issue!


Being active to attract funding, Dennis and his team had pitched their project Mush+ at the NACUE and Westminster Big Business Ideas competition earlier this year and won £500. The money won from this competition would be spent on marketing and purchasing the first set of mushroom seeds and actually do some growing tests to have the first in house grown products.

Next steps for the MUSH+ team includes preparing to enter other competitions and also to further develop the idea, as well as producing a website and marketing materials. When asked what he thought about the NACUE and Westminster Big Business Ideas Competition, Dennis said ‘Such a welcoming atmosphere and inspiring environment! It was a pleasure to meet so many dedicated students and share thoughts regarding current issues and possible solutions. It is great seeing that our university is encouraging new entrepreneurs.’ Dennis also added, that having the chance to test a business idea through in-house competitions can make the difference between a winning concept and an unrealistic idea. He encourages other young entrepreneurs to get involved: ‘The gain in confidence is unmeasurable for an early stage entrepreneur and by collaborating with NACUE, concepts can become reality.’


How about you? Are you the kind of person who spends time daydreaming how to solve every day hassles or even coming up with bright ideas to make our society a better place? If so, here is your chance! You may be interested to enter the Mayor of London Entrepreneur 2017 competition! £20,000 is up for grabs, and you would also be crowned the Mayor of London’s Entrepreneur! Dennis is the Mayor’s Entrepreneur Intern Westminster Representative for this year’s competition and he would be happy to chat to you about it in more detail (email: dennis.lucan@london.gov.uk)– you could even ask about his experience of being one of the finalists last year!

Today signals the end to GEW 2016. Have you attended any GEW events, or been inspired by any particular ideas? Let us know by leaving a comment here, or send a Tweet! We’d love to hear from you. Also, Careers Consultant & Business Coach -Elishba Zachariah manages the T1 Graduate Entrepreneur Scheme, if you would like to find out more book a Quick Query appointment on Engage, or via the phone 02079115184!



  • Congratulations, Dennis! I am very proud of you and happy to see you involved in so many things. I strongly believe in you achieving all of your dreams.
    Take care. Kisses.

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