At the Career Development Centre we love hearing from students about how they are getting on at their workplaces! This week we had a quick chat with Patrick Doody, third year Computer Science student at Cavendish, to find out about his journey to being a Talent Bank student.

Hi Patrick! Let’s start at the beginning. How did you hear about Talent Bank in the first place?

My first encounter with Talent Bank was at the beginning of my 2nd year of study, at Cavendish during a lecture. It was advertised as a great way to learn new skills, earn a wage and the hours of work would be around your study timetable.

Great! And so what was your main motivation for applying to Talent Bank?

The main goal for me was to find work within I.T which I could do around my studies and earn an income.

I see. Yes at Talent Bank we do ensure students get a fair pay for their hard work! Students tend to worry a lot about the interview process. Could you tell us what was particularly memorable for you when you applied?

I attended a testing session, where my computing and communication skills where reviewed, and thankfully was accepted. Soon after I applied for an I.T assistant position at Marylebone Library and have been working there for 2 years.

That’s sounds great, you did mention earlier that you wanted to find work in I.T. So apart from an income, what did you gain?

I have learned new skills including maintenance on computer systems to include Wi-Fi connection issues on many different devices. Using an internal OTRS system to record queries. This role has improved my confidence, my interpersonal skills and computer skills.

It’s also a great working environment and enjoy it very much. The staff are really professional and friendly and we now have a great working relationship.

Fantastic! So one final question before we let you get on – how would you sum up your experience of working with Talent Bank?

I would definitely recommend the Talent Bank, and have already done so to many colleagues. Overall it has been a great experience and I’m very pleased I choose Talent Bank.

Lovely to catch up with you Patrick! It is so encouraging when we hear such positive feedback from students about their time studying and working at Westminster. Recently in the department we have seen a few nervous students who have made Quick Query appointments to talk through preparations for their Talent Bank job interviews! If you are feeling nervous about your upcoming interview, whether it is for a Talent Bank job or elsewhere, make an appointment with us today! We would be more than happy to support and help you do your best.

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