Mind in Camden provides high quality support and capacity building services to benefit people who are struggling with mental distress, including: hearing voices, extremes of mood, anxiety, unusual beliefs and post-traumatic reactions.

This organisation’s core values around mental health are that they see mental health as a continuum, all of us being at different points on at different time in our lives. Experiences such as hearing voices, seeing visions, having unusual beliefs and experiencing anxiety, hopelessness or extremes of mood are seen as responses to real events, feelings and cultural influences that people can identify in their own lives – rather than delusions, hallucinations or symptoms of a bio-medical ‘disorder’. It is recognized that many people who experience voices, visions and who have other unusual experiences and/or beliefs lead happy and fulfilled lives, and that, in some cultures, these experiences are accepted as normal.

If you like what the Mind in Camden stand for, have a look at volunteering opportunities they offer:

To apply, please click on the chosen opportunity and follow further instructions on the page.

With over 35 new vacancies every week, always check Engage for brand new volunteering opportunities.

If you need any further help please contact us on volunteering@westminster.ac.uk.

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