We are continuing our Student Voice series where we are hearing from students that we work closely with in the Career Development Centre.

We have heard from Rohan Mehra, working with Talent Bank team, and Anna Dolidze, from the University of Westminster Associates in Schools (UWAS) team. Today we find out more about Anna Partyka, who works for the Volunteering Team. Anna, works 15 hours a week as Volunteer Administrator alongside her final year studies in Psychology BSc. In her spare time she acts as treasurer for the University of Westminster Psychology Society.

Anna, in your job as Volunteer Assistant, what is your typical day like?

‘I tend to split my work into sections. I upload volunteering opportunities on Engage, I work hard on adding one-off volunteering opportunities on the Volunteering Blog. Recently my time has been taken up with organising the Volunteering Fair on the 22nd February. It’s really exciting as we have around 20 charities coming on campus to offer opportunities to students!’


Sounds like you do a lot of the admin support for the team! What is a highlight of what you do?

‘A few times I have been given an opportunity to advise a student in face-to-face volunteer appointments. I recall a particular scenario where a student wanted to get into psychology field, and I was able to inform them of other opportunities that they could try and what they could look for. It was a definite highlight because I felt I was able to help and contribute something.’

That’s great! So what is one thing that you have learnt from doing this job?

‘In doing this job, I learnt that I can take on much more than I thought. For example, the paid work I did in second year was much more casual and back then I juggled well with my study. Now in my final year, I see that I am able to manage my time well, I have time to work, study, socialise, and do my hobbies too (which are yoga and meditation)!’

What is your hope for the future, career-wise?

‘When I was young I had different dreams of being a dancer or model. Now I think I may want to do counselling – I am not sure I have the right skill set, but people say I am a good listener! Maybe I’d quite like to work with teenagers. I am still exploring.’

What words of encouragement would you say to other students?

‘I would encourage students to try different things and explore all the options. I was not aware of the help and support given the CDC before working here. I did not take the Placement year option because most of the placements are not funded and due to financial reasons I could not do it. However, meeting people who have done a placement year and seeing that they have the skills and knowledge that I would love to have, it made me reflect on my experience. If given the chance, I wish I had explored different options before saying no.’

Very well said, Anna. We are here to support students to explore all the options so you can make the most of your time at University, and beyond. We work hard to source funded placement in the workplace so students can gain valuable work experience before entering the world of work. Make sure to be familiar with the careers portal Engage, where new opportunities are being added daily! If you need further help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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