Life after exams – summer internship
Exam time is almost here and summer is quickly approaching. Make good use of it and get a work experience or an internship. Utilize the network you have and do research on different summer internships. Target specific companies, you can make list of companies or the types of jobs you are interested in, to make your search easier. Think about the set of skills you want to get experience on and the network you’d like to build.
If you don’t manage to get an internship with a big company look ‘close to home’, some medium sized and small companies also offer internships and can give you a lot more experience. In smaller businesses you can get more of a hands-on experience and they tend to give interns also more responsibilities that will broaden your skillset.

You might want to also consider interning abroad, that way you can spend you’re summer in a different country getting valuable experience and on your free time you are able to enjoy the views and get to know a new culture. To intern abroad you can apply directly through an international company with a global internship program. Some of the companies offering interning abroad are Goldman and Sachs, KONE, Deloitte, L’Oréal, H&M and different embassies often have opportunities to intern as well.

When you do get the internship, make the experience count. On your internship be open to work on variety of tasks and take notes on the assignments you receive. After your internship you should be able to talk to future job recruiters about what you achieved for the company and how you helped a project succeed.

Start applying for summer jobs
alternatively to an internship you might want to get a summer job instead. Before starting to apply for summer jobs make sure you have review and updated your CV, and make sure you tailor your Cover Letter to a specific job. Our Careers and Development Centre can help you with that, see information below.

You should also have at least two references ready, a lot of businesses will be checking up on those references. If you don’t have any work experience you can get a reference from one of your lecturers or maybe you have volunteered, they could provide you with a reference as well. Ask your reference giver ahead of time if you can use them as a reference so it won’t come as a surprise to them and they have time to prepare.

Decide what type of summer job you want. Try to find something you would enjoy but would also be a good match with your interests and studies. If you have done networking during a year now is the good time to use those contacts and ask around if they can help you with your summer job search.

When you get that interview, do as much research as you can about a company and have questions ready to ask from them, this shows that you have done your ‘homework’ and really are interested in the company and the position.

Check your CV
Before applying for internships and/or summer jobs you can come and see one of our careers consultants who can help you with your CV and Covering Letter. Make sure to prepare your Cover Letter and CV and tailor it to a specific role you would like to apply and our career consultants can give you some pointers how to tweak it and make it stand out.

If you just need any initial help with how to do your CV, Cover Letter or where to get information on CDC services and any preparation before guidance appointment or Talent Bank applications you can also book and appointment with our Information Assistants who will be able to guide you through these queries.

Upskill yourself
If you have little or no experience or would like to learn something that you haven’t yet mastered, definitely check out  Lynda has a variety of tutorials from Business and computer science to design and photography.
University students get a free access to all the course Lynda has to offer. Lynda offers some great tutorials a lot of them 15 minutes or less, so you can learn in bursts. You can also download the app and use it on your phone while ‘on the go’.

Make a use of your time in the university and use free access to different learning platforms to versify your skillset.

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