Guest blog by Zhangeldy Kaupynbayev, 2nd Year Architecture Student (front row, third from the left)

This year I have volunteered for the Career Development Centre (CDC) as an Employability Champion, and was involved in promoting the career services to fellow students on campus, helping the CDC team during various events and giving feedback of the services as a student. I can say without а doubt that this experience was useful for me in many ways, and simply including it in my CV is the least of all. While enjoying the volunteering activities, I gained valuable transferable skills such as communication, planning and event organisation, and obtained important knowledge about employability and careers. Moreover, I have received invitations to special events, mentoring and internship schemes, and essential personal advice (and even a present for Christmas!).

I am glad that we at Westminster have such a welcoming, friendly and inclusive environment, bright students, wonderful staff and opportunities to get involved. The staff members are always fully dedicated to their work and have a sincere desire to help. Working with such people motivates you to improve, collaborate and contribute. I encourage you make the most out of the University environment and opportunities to enrich your student life, and take on new roles and responsibilities to complement your studies. This will help you develop personally and professionally.


Use the Talent Bank to apply for a paid part-time job at your campus, Volunteer for a good cause and grow as a person, join a Student Society and make new friends! Research and apply for jobs and internships via Engage. Practice interviews, have your CV checked or book a career guidance appointment with our Careers Consultants (in my experience, face-to-face advice from a professional is more efficient than reading articles or watching tutorials online, and saves you time!).

Apart from searching for opportunities, don’t forget to use the ones that literally come to you with emails and on campus. The University works hard to organize career fairs and workshops for us, and we should prepare well for these events, attend, and use them to the best advantage.

Finally, don’t be afraid of doing something new or unfamiliar, as you never know until you try. Throw yourself into a ‘cold pool’ and learn by struggling – don’t wait for a ‘better time’ to do that. Make mistakes and ask many questions. Engage, and you will gain much more than you expected!

The opportunity to be an Employability Champion is back! (This opportunity is open to level 5 (and above) and PG students in MAD, FABE, FST, SSH and WBS faculties.). Click here to apply by 17 September 2017.

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