This is the third post of our ‘From the Talent Bank’ series where we grill our Employability Team for their Top Tips on starting work. We have already heard from Amy Dicks, who talked about the importance of having a friendly attitude and smile, and Kristina Kand, who advised students to keep options open when applying for jobs.

Hristina Simeonova, Employability Coordinator, has been working with us for over 2 years. Let’s see what she has to say about starting work!

What is the best thing about your job now?

Seeing students grow and develop. When I see Talent Bank students get the job they really want, it’s really satisfying! Recently I started the one-to-one sessions with students and it’s really nice when I see a potential Talent Bank student in appointments. I can directly help them with their CVs and Cover Letter to apply for the Talent Bank. It’s really nice to see them again at an Assessment Day, ‘I know that person from when they came 5 weeks ago!’

What was your first job? And what have you learned from it?

My first job was working in a customer service role in a seaside resort in Bulgaria in the summer while I was in High School. This job gave me an opportunity to practise my English, and I got the chance to talk to people from all over the world too. Apart from the extra money, this opportunity was special as I got to meet people from different cultures.

From your experience at work, what are some really good work etiquette that you have seen?

I think one of the most important thing when it comes to work etiquette is having a positive attitude. Be sure that you show curiosity, interest and enthusiasm for the job. You can do this by asking relevant questions about the job and finding out more.

Can you share a top tip for students starting their first job?

Go with an open mind, and again, be ready to ask question. Don’t be nervous – colleagues and your manager understand it is your first day at work and it is normal to feel a little apprehensive. If you are not sure about something, just ask, they would be happy to help. There really are no stupid questions!

Finally, what is an insider’s tip to doing well at the Talent Bank Assessment Day?

I always say to students, ‘be yourself’. So let your passion to join Talent Bank show. Another thing I must say is, that students who are constantly on their phones are off-putting. If you can’t live without your phone for 4 hours, how are you going to do any work if I employed you? Just being mindful to put your phone away and pay full attention during the Assessment Day would be a great start!

There we have it. If you would like to be part of the next Talent Bank intake, then act fast! The deadline to apply is 12 June!

So, what are YOUR Top Tips for starting work? Leave a comment here or send it to us on, we’d love to hear from you!

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