Well done – for most of you, your exams and coursework are finished! Whether you choose to work, travel, or take a rest, here are 3 R’s to help you focus your mind over the summer:

RECHARGE: Stop. Take a moment to just relax and recharge your batteries. Resting is not lazyness. Resting is extremely important to Sharpen your saw.

REFLECT: Think about the past year and write down what you have done well; and what you may have struggled with. You may find it helpful to do this with your mentor if you have one, (if not, here is how you can get one for next year!)

REFOCUS: Clearly define what you would like to achieve next year. Remember to break down large goals into smaller ones. Need some ideas? Think about where you would like to be career-wise when you finish your studies here, and list out the steps you would need to get there, and who can help you. Start by just writing everything that comes to mind without censuring yourself. Then go over each point and do some research to help clarify what you need to do.

As always, we are here as a support! From one-to-one career advice to help with your CV, get in touch with us! If you need a reminder of our services, simply watch our video!

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