August tends to be a quiet month for us and we use this time to complete our Personal and Professional Development Review (PPDR), reflecting on our achievements and thinking about new objectives. We’d encourage you to do the same!

Have you taken a pause to ask yourself what your goals and Aspirations are? Are they perhaps too small? Have you always wanted to work abroad but don’t know where to start? (See the Westminster Abroad page here). Perhaps you’d like to learn a new hobby, but don’t know what to do?

How about your Assertiveness? Do you say ‘Yes’ begrudgingly when you really mean ‘No’? This is an important skill to possess for clear communication. Know your rights when it comes to work and protect yourself from exploitation.

An often overlooked aspect of employability is self-Awareness. How well do you truly know yourself? Do you know your strengths and abilities and take opportunities to use these? What are you like when working in a team? A good way to discover more about yourself is volunteering and working with others.

Finally, don’t forget, we are here as a support! If you need a reminder of our services, simply watch our video!

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