The Career Development Centre Mentoring Scheme was recently assessed by the Mentoring and Befriending Network’s Approved Provider Standard (APS) to ensure it complies with the quality standards set.

We are super excited to announce that we are expanding the CDC Mentoring Scheme!

After receiving funding from the Quintin Hogg Trust to expand, the scheme was able to finance three new full-time staff members Nikki, Aviva, and Zurrai. Welcome to the team!

This year will see the launch of the Ask a Mentor service, which gives you the opportunity to have a one-off conversation with an experienced professional from our diverse and hugely talented pool of mentors. We understand that some of you are not able to commit to the mentoring scheme but still want to connect with a professional to answer industry-specific questions, so this will address that!

What is it?

Not everyone has heard of the the CDC Mentoring Scheme, so let’s cover some background information! The scheme has been running for six years, and has a proven track record of successful delivery. The scheme started with 12 partnerships in 2011 that has been increasing steadily, to its current total of 245 partnerships.

The scheme is designed to widen the aspirations, build your confidence and boost your personal effectiveness. With the help of mentors as role models, students can build a solid foundation of skills from which to launch a variety of successful careers.

The scheme is open to all current students and recent graduates (of the last 3 years). Many students who take part in the scheme go on to find work placements, internships and graduate jobs. During the last mentoring cycle, the scheme experienced its highest number of matches which included employers from prestigious organisations such as the BBC, Deloitte, IBM and Al Jazeera.

Proud Moment

The scheme was recently assessed to ensure that it complies with quality standards set by the Mentoring and Befriending Network’s Approved Provider Standard (APS). It received some excellent feedback on its quality, reach and management, and is recommended for approval to be awarded the APS quality mark. (The APS is the national quality standard designed for all types of mentoring and befriending projects.)

What people say:

Want to hear firsthand what some participants say?

Mentee Zaheda Islam, Biomedical Sciences BSc Honours, 2009:
“I applied for a mentor because I was so confused about what I wanted to do in the future. I’ve loved it – it has helped me so much. I now have a clear focus. I definitely want to become a senior biomedical scientist like my mentor. Asha is organising my visit to her lab to see what the environment is like. If I didn’t have a mentor I wouldn’t be able to have that sort of experience”

Mentor Asha Velani, Biomedical Sciences BSc Honours, 2003:
“Sharing my knowledge is the main benefit of mentoring. You are helping people that need guidance so they can pursue their dreams like I did.”

Over to you

Are you also interested to participate in the mentoring scheme? Either as a mentor, or a mentee?

Don’t hesitate: For more information about the scheme please contact or visit the Mentoring webpage.

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