Could you be a role model for young people?

London schools and colleges need help with motivating their students to learn.

As you have chosen to continue your studies,  you could be a positive role model that young people can relate to, perhaps you are closer in age to the students than their normal adult contacts.

What subjects are particularly relevant? 

SSH: Modern languages (French, Spanish, Arabic)

FST: Computing, Engineering, Maths, Sciences

WBS: Business, Maths

MAD: Art & design, Design Technology

FABE: Construction, Architecture

What is Explore Teaching?

Explore Teaching is a scheme run by the Career Development Centre, that consists of a 15 day placement in a school or college, working as a volunteer teaching assistant. While the scheme provides an opportunity to test the waters of a possible career, it’s also a chance to inspire young students.

If you’re thinking ‘I haven’t done anything like this before!‘, have no fear! Now is the time to try it out! The placements take place during Semester 2 and full training will be given, so you will know what to expect every step of the way. We are here to support you as well, so you will not be on your own.

What’s more, is that you will receive a certificate, reference and entry onto the HEAR at the end of the placement.

Sounds good! What next?

Find out full details about the placement and apply. If you have any questions, get in touch and send Anna an email at 

Need more convincing? Hear from one of our graduates Moustapha who has completed the Explore Teaching scheme and see what he has to say!

Finally… make sure to get your application in by 18th October!

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