By Phannisa Manisarn, 2nd year Law Student and CDC Champion

The Westminster Business Careers Fair exposed me to a wide range of well-known companies from different industries that generously offers internships and job opportunities that can help me develop various skills to prepare me for my career aspiration.







Although I am a law student with no business background, I still discovered countless opportunities that requires my personal and legal skills from companies such as in the fashion, property and finance industry. This proves that the Business fair can be beneficial to all students from every department and field of study!

The fair provided an advantageous opportunity to acquire face-to-face conversations with the representatives of the big companies, which allowed me to directly ask questions related to their personal experiences in the company and deepen my understanding about the company. Not only was I able to learn more about the companies of my interests, but I was also exposed many fascinating companies that I have never heard of, that I would like to get involved with and benefit from.


Since many students are trying to enhance their CV and LinkedIn to achieve their career aspiration, I believe that many students can benefit from the work experiences that various companies offers, or even from, which is an online platform where students can take online courses and obtain certificate of completions for free!

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