By Phannisa Manisarn, 2nd year student and CDC Champion

The Computer Science & Engineering Fair, was an inspiring event that encouraged students to think about their employability, by providing them with the opportunity to meet employers from more than 25 reputable organisations.

The exhibitors provided a range of internships, work placement and job opportunities for students who had a vested interest in the technology industry. All of the opportunities advertised, provide a fantastic chance for students to develop and strengthen their technical and professional skills, relevant to their course. It was also an excellent occasion for students to have face-to-face conversations with the representatives from some of the top global organisations (including ING and IBM); students were able to directly ask questions relating to the application process and expectations, as well as the employees’ personal experiences of working for the organisation, including the way in which the firm operates.













By talking to various representatives, I was surprised to discover that some of them did not have any background either in Computing or Engineering, but had studied degrees in Drama or Graphic Design instead. Subsequently I learnt that some technology-based companies do not make it a requirement for graduates to have studied a Computing related course at degree level; instead they welcomed applications from a diverse range of disciplines. Providing students have the enthusiasm and willingness to learn, they can learn the basics and build up their skills. I believe that all students from every department and field of study can benefit from attending similar Careers Events, and even acquire potential work opportunities.





  • Absolutely true Cherry, I work in recruitment and a lot of the tech companies we work with do not make IT-based degrees a requirement.
    It’s such a fast changing industry with emerging tech constantly replacing older systems. So I guess employers are more interested in ability to learn than specific subjects.

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