If your future boss was to google you, what would they see on the screen? The best way to find out is to Google yourself incognito. If there is anything you don’t want employers to see on your social media presence, follow these five steps:

Clean it up

First impressions count. Scroll through your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts and delete or hide any material that might be offensive, controversial and that might put you in a bad light. This means any photos from last weekend’s drunken party, your swear-word-filled rant you published alongside a link to a politician’s latest speech should go.

Profile picture

Your profile picture is the first thing an employer will see upon clicking on your profile- just like in person, first impressions count! Make sure your picture is appropriate for the platform, for example, for LinkedIn it is expected you have a professional head-shot. It isn’t hard to do, you can ask a friend to take it for you, standing in front of a plain background and you looking smart (absolutely NO selfies for LinkedIn)!

Privacy Setting

Think about who can see your posts online. For example, many people don’t know that you can restrict your Facebook profile to ‘Friends Only’. Simply go to ‘Setting’ and adjust your ‘Privacy’ options.

Get your LinkedIn Sorted

… if you haven’t got one, get one! For those who are not sure how to go about it, simply refer to the LinkedIn section in our Social Media Leaflet. Increasingly more recruiters are looking on LinkedIn so don’t miss out on great opportunities!

Other social media channels

Pinterest, YouTube, and Blogs are other places that online recruiters may find you – Make sure you don’t forget those!


Those are just a few tips, don’t let yourself down with a great application only to have your social media create a less than flattering impression. Why not spend 5 minutes now to do a quick check now and make your online presence more appealing to an employer?



  • Good solid tips Cherry.
    As someone who works in recruitment I’d say, definitely set your Facebook status to private when you’re in job hunt mode.
    And take the opportunity to test your LinkedIn profile’s ability to auto-create a CV. Do it, take a look at the result and adjust accordingly.

    You’ll be amazed how many times recruiters will use this feature to scout out a candidate…

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