CEOx1Day with Odgers Bendtson

We’re excited to announce the launch of an excellent initiative – CEOx1Day – by Odgers Bendtson, allowing University of Westminster students to apply to spend a day shadowing a top CEO.

About the Programme

The idea is simple: undergraduates apply to spend a day with a top Chief Executive to learn about the responsibility and complexities required to lead some of Britain’s leading organisations. CEOs get to better understand what drives the next generation of leaders and bridge an all-too-wide gap between business and graduate talent. Watch this video to find out more and visit (and share!) the website:

Previous years have included participating CEOs or their equivalents from: ASOS, BT, The Cabinet Office, Deloitte, DFS, Domino’s Pizza, HMRC, The National Trust, Sainsbury’s and Williams F1.


Undergraduate students currently enrolled on courses with degree-warding bodies in the United Kingdom.

Application period

Students may apply online at: between 01 October 2018 and midnight 28 January 2019.


  • Finalists spend a day shadowing a CEO (including one-on-one time), learning about their background, career path, and how they create value in their organisation.
  • The CEO line up is unprecedented for any program of this kind.
  • Participating in the recruitment process will give students valuable skills and experience:
  • Most applicants complete an online leadership assessment and receive a personalised report from providing feedback on aspects of leadership skills.
  • Semi-finalists will spend a half day meeting peers, participating in group exercises and one-on-one interviews to strengthen their presentation and interviewing skills. They will with an Odgers Berndtson recruitment professional to discuss their report and for interview.


So, are you a future CEO? Don’t miss your chance to kick start your leadership career. Apply now via this link.

*If you need support with completing your applications form, please check our vast variety of online resources on Engage or contact your dedicated Careers and Employability Services Team!*


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