Exciting Online Test Practice Opportunity

Do you need to sit online recruitment tests as part of your job applications? Would you like the chance to practise taking some real recruitment test questions? If so, read on!

You are invited to volunteer to take part in GOV.UK’s test development trial. The trial will cover the following three content areas:

• Civil Service Verbal Reasoning
• Civil Service Numerical Reasoning
• Civil Service Situational Judgement

These will be used to recruit future civil servants and your participation will help to shape the future Civil Service. The trial questions are not timed but we recommend allowing approximately 1 hour to complete the trial.  If you’d like to get involved, please select one of the following two job levels, based on the job level you would naturally consider making a job application for, to try out some practice test content:
Executive Officer (EO)
EOs are involved in problem solving, business planning and policy making. EOs usually work within a supportive team structure, under the direction of relevant team leaders, and can also hold individual responsibility for pieces of work within a programme or project.

Higher Executive Officer/Senior Executive Officer (HEO/SEO)
Workers at this level make significant contributions toward decision making at the very highest levels of government in areas such as business planning or policy implementation. Working within a supportive team structure, under the direction of relevant team leaders, or managing teams and workloads.

• The link will take you to a “job vacancy” page on the Civil Service Jobs site – this will be used to record some basic personal details.
• Once you’ve applied, you will be asked for consent to take part in the trial.
• After the consent you will receive an email with a trial test link.

If you have any questions please contact: OnlineTestsTeam@cabinetoffice.gov.uk


For local, university support, please visit the Psychometric resources on Engage & EngagePlus.

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Anna Dolidze

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