Here at the Careers and Employability Service we continuously look for various ways in which you can be better supported in unlocking your full potential. In this blog, we introduce to you, our newest discovery – the PwC Employability Hub.

PwC is the #1 company on Times Top 100 Graduate Employers list this year and 156 Westminster alumni work there!

You can access the Hub on here and ace your employability skills in any of the following:


     Online applications and assessments: A great majority of companies use assessments as key parts of their application. They’re designed to be an unbiased way to narrow down the applicant pool to a more manageable number.

 Engage with employers: Opportunities to network with employers can often be the best way of finding out more about the roles they offer and whether the organisation is a good match for you and your career aspirations.

 Commercial awareness: Commercial awareness, in simple words, is the skill of understanding the inner workings of both the organisation an employee works for and the industry the company operates within.

  Communication skills:  Being able to get your point across, as well as listen to others, and communicate well with different people, is a key skill all employers look for.

    Networking: Your ability to connect with others, as well as build relationships, can make a big difference to your career.

  Being a team-player: Being able to work well with a team, recognising what each member brings to the table, but also your own skills, can be vital.


Now that you’ve checked out all of the above, feeling inspired to work for PwC? Then why not practise and explore the skills the company looks for, as well as their hints and tips, and existing employees’ profiles.

Or, if you need additional support, check out our own electronic resources on Engage and EngagePlus! We’d strongly recommend this advice on psychometric testing and this lists of psychometric test sites.

And remember that the Careers Team is here to help you with succeeding in your employability journey! You can find our contact details below:

DL: 0207 911 5184  | E: | Facebook | Careers Blog 

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Anna Dolidze

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