Self-Marketing and Branding

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One key step in your job hunt is proactive marketing, employers need to see you are aware of their requirements and are able to articulate and match what they are seeking. In some cultures it may feel like showing off, a sign of disrespect or perceived as over competitive. The concept of self-marketing may require some practice; take time to understand job descriptions, key words and skills may have variations across different countries. Avoid using terminology a British employer would not understand, research and think how it could be explained more effectively outside of your home country. Remember to include experiences gained at home; they are equally valid as UK internships, jobs and volunteering

How to apply? Includes CV’s/interviews/portfolios/jobsites

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If you are unsure about the academic standard of your qualifications within the UK go to:

NARIC international qualifications

International qualifications

On-line Applications

Many application forms state, “Must have the Right to work in the UK”. If the application is automatically processed, it will not continue any further if the software is unable to detect your right to work. Contact employers directly checking if they would consider hiring international students, depending on the size of the company, speak with HR or the owner directly.

Speculative Applications

Alternatively think about small and medium size companies not recruiting through graduate training schemes. Target non –advertised positions through speculative applications, it could open doors to hidden opportunities and the potential to gain visa sponsorship.

Visa Guide for Employers

Often smaller companies have limited experience hiring international talent and are confused about the visa options. It may not be ideal but providing the employers with the relevant information at the point of application may be helpful for their recruitment decisions and increase the chances of obtaining a position. Guide for EmployersAGCAS

International students job search strategy

Further Help

If you require support with your CV, LinkedIn profile, interviews, or career options please book a remote appointment with a Careers Consultant, they will be happy to listen to any concerns you may have  Appointment bookings.

*Please note: ALL appointments are currently offered ONLINE due to the CoVid-19 outbreak.


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