First things first. It’s been a tough year. You need a break, and you probably need some time away from staring at a screen as well. So, don’t view this list as yet another “to do” list, but instead a few suggestions that you can dip into when you feel like re-engaging with thinking about your career.

  1. Make a careers plan for 2021 🎄

If you are looking for a placement, internship or job, or if you have ideas for a business, then what are you going to do to take it forward next year? Try jotting down a few milestones month by month. Giving yourself some deadlines might help you to stay on track.

  1. Get your LinkedIn profile up to scratch ⭐

Check out the advice from LinkedIn. When you have updated and edited your profile, start using it for networking. Join some relevant groups, make some connections, follow key organisations and sign up for job alerts.

  1. Develop your skills 🎁

There are lots of free opportunities available for you to develop your skills, digital or otherwise. LinkedIn Learning is available free to current Westminster students or why not find out more about MOOCs. The Class of 2020 web site brings together some additional online learning opportunities.

  1. Get some experience 🎉

As it might not be easy to arrange some work experience in person at the moment, why not see if any virtual work experience programmes would be helpful to you by boosting your skills. For example, Forage is a provider of free online programmes to help you understand different industries and develop your work-related skills. Alternatively, plan ahead for future internship opportunities by checking web sites such as Bright Network and Rate My Placement.

  1. Get connected 🎅🏼

LinkedIn isn’t the only useful social medium for careers. Try following potential employers on other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to find out what’s happening in their organisation, and maybe even find out about jobs. Join email lists and sign up for free email newsletters from careers web sites and professional bodies for your sector of interest as a way of keeping up to date, and there may also be podcasts you can listen in to. Find out more about this in our information resources on Engage.

However your spend your time during this holiday, we hope you stay safe and well, and we look forward to seeing you in 2021.

☞ Big thanks to Tracey Wells, our Careers and Employability Service manager, for writing this blog post. We hope you find it useful.

Please be reminder that if you need careers support, your Careers Team is only an email / a message away!

**please note that the university will be closed for the holiday period from 20th December until 4th of January.**

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