Completing virtual internships (with Bright Network)

Hello everyone! My name is Ilham, and I am a Business Management student at Westminster Business School. I have chosen to study business management in general because I am passionate about this major. The most crucial factor that motivates me… more
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GRADCRACKER front image (New blog)

Large and global, or small and local? (GRADCRACKER)

When searching for placement and graduate opportunities, it can be tempting to only apply to companies that you are already familiar with. These are likely to be the large, global organisations – the household names and the well-known brands. The… more
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How to utilise information in the job description (GRADCRACKER)

All of the information within the job description is there to help you determine whether the opportunity is right for you. It should capture what the role will involve, and what you will need to be able to do the… more
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Fully funded internships for autistic students – employers wanted

The University of Westminster is pleased to be working in partnership with Ambitious about Autism and Santander Universities to deliver the Employ Autism Higher Education Network. We are looking for employers who can offer an eight-week summer internship to an autistic student. Employers… more
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Routes you can take after graduating with a bachelor’s degree.

Routes you can take after graduating with a bachelor’s degree.

At the beginning of March, I had a chance to participate in three days long virtual fieldtrip. It took me all across the world from Bangladesh through Europe to New York. I had a chance to meet professionals working for… more
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Top tips for online interviews - blog by Tracey Wells

Top tips for video/online interviews

Even though hopes are currently high for the easing of lockdown and return to more in-person connections, many employers have found video and online interviews a good alternative, and we expect they will continue to be used where they work… more
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Top tips on getting a job in an SME (Small or Medium-Sized Enterprise)

Student and graduates are often unaware of the fantastic opportunities to work in smaller businesses – businesses that may not have formalised regular graduate recruitment, or a high profile at recruitment fairs and events. Through our partnership with Westminster Business… more
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Tips to become a more employable web developer

You may still be studying or have recently graduated, either way you must be thinking about your next step, employment. Finding a job can be a bit of minefield and gaining employment fresh out of university can be a little… more
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Rocky road to success!

Hi my name is Yasmin and I am 2020 psychology graduate. While I was already trying to suppress my anxieties of third year and figure out my next steps after graduating, we were hit with a global pandemic. I  felt… more
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What You Should Know About the Graduate Labour Market

💡 The graduate labour market at a glance Every day there is a wealth of new information about the economy to take in, and you are probably thinking that it’s going to be very challenging to get a graduate job… more
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