Rocky road to success!

Hi my name is Yasmin and I am 2020 psychology graduate. While I was already trying to suppress my anxieties of third year and figure out my next steps after graduating, we were hit with a global pandemic. I  felt… more
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The Benefits of Volunteering

With the support of the Student Volunteering Services, part of the Careers and Employability Service, each year, hundreds of Westminster students volunteer to support charitable causes that matter to them. So, why volunteer? Are you keen to enhance your skill… more
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Coming Soon – New Virtual Skills Academy Events!

Whether you’re part of #WestminsterClassOf2020 or a current student, we are here to support you with a great range of careers-related virtual workshops, webinars and Q&A sessions, helping you to stay positive and maximise your employablity in these challenging times…. more
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Dealing with Rejection

Dealing with employer rejection can be emotionally crushing and affect self-confidence. It is important to remember rejection is a normal part of the job application process; it does not define who you are. We all agree obtaining a visa is… more
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Networking in a nutshell

Only a small number of jobs are advertised, over 70% of opportunities are found word of mouth through contacts. Therefore, networking and building professional relationships with individuals is important. Networking is primarily about what you can do for the contact,… more
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Self-assessment & researching career options

Self-Assessment Reflecting on motivations, preferences, values and work style are important, it helps to understand oneself and develop more clarity around career choices. Recruiters will not be impressed if individuals feel confused or vague about future ambitions. They are seeking… more

Communication, Equality, and Workplace Etiquette

Communication & Work Place Etiquette Most large graduate recruiters use assessment centres due to the high volume of applications. This may include group work, presentations, social events, case studies or psychometric tests, with successful candidates invited for interviews. Preparation is… more

Student Visas

It can be both exciting and challenging living and studying in a foreign country. Many international students have ambitions to gain professional experience in London but are confused about the visa and job search process. A high level of knowledge… more

Graduate Career Resources from the Career and Employability Service

Graduate Career Resources from the Career and Employability Service

Congratulations!! You’re ready to put down those textbooks and all set to graduate. But before you start planning those graduation parties and well deserved holidays, you might be wondering about how to use your degree and where you want to… more

Chance to Win A brand new iPad Pro for telling Trendence about your future career

Do you know the employers you want to work for in the future? The salary you are expecting to earn? The attributes you are expecting your future employer to have? We want to know this and more! Take the trendence… more
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