Kickstart your career while volunteering – ReachOut

Are you looking for an opportunity to kickstart your career while volunteering and making a real difference? Then the ReachOut Level Up Experience might be exactly what you’re looking for! ReachOut is a mentoring charity which partners with schools across… more
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I’m About to Graduate. What Now? (GraduateMentor)

The prospect of leaving university can be unnerving, especially if some of your friends seem to know exactly what they’ll be doing for the next 45 years or so. Not to worry: there’s more than one road to happiness and… more
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Getting Into the Media Industry – and Getting On! Blog by Julian Dismore, TV Series Producer and Media Skills Trainer

It will soon be time to go back to Uni and many media and TV students will be looking forward to another academic year, or their first if they are freshers. Whether it’s your first year or your final year,… more
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First steps to a career in law

Beginning to consider your future career as a lawyer? There are a few things you should be doing [even before you begin university]. Here’s our checklist to help you get started: ✔ Talk to your careers adviser at school to… more
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The financial impact of the pandemic on young people: the top facts and statistics

Young adults are among the hardest hit by the pandemic, with many having lost jobs, missed school, and have been unable to meet friends and family during lockdowns. They will also carry the long-term economic burden of COVID-19 for years… more
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Secret Sectors: I bet you haven’t thought of these…(GRADCRACKER)

As a STEM student, there is a diverse range of industries that you can choose to work in. Computing, Science, Infrastructure, and Aerospace are some of the sectors you might expect. But did you know that a STEM degree can… more
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10 Employee Rights You Should Know – Manak Solicitors

What are employee rights? Everyone has rights in the workplace. Employee rights are the moral or legal entitlement an employee has to have or do something, as pertaining to work to ensure fair treatment. However, these rights vary depending on… more
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Large and global, or small and local? (GRADCRACKER)

When searching for placement and graduate opportunities, it can be tempting to only apply to companies that you are already familiar with. These are likely to be the large, global organisations – the household names and the well-known brands. The… more
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How to utilise information in the job description (GRADCRACKER)

All of the information within the job description is there to help you determine whether the opportunity is right for you. It should capture what the role will involve, and what you will need to be able to do the… more
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'If at first you don’t succeed, improve and try again' (GRADCRACKER)

‘If at first you don’t succeed, improve and try again’ (GRADCRACKER)

It is no secret that, when applying for placements and graduate jobs, you are likely to submit multiple applications before being offered a role. In response to rejections, students are often encouraged to ‘be resilient’ and ‘keep trying’ – but… more
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