Introducing the first Euromoney Hackathon! £6000 prize fund!

The Graduate Team at Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC is hosting its first Hackathon for students and graduates on the 4th to the 5th October of this year: The event will be a great way to improve your portfolio, gain… more
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Skills Academy Student

Skills Academy 2014

Are you looking for work? Want to polish up your skills in preparation for an increasingly competitive graduate labour market? The Skills Academy is a series of seminars designed and delivered by both external industry experts and internal speakers who… more
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Windsor Fellowship Leadership Programme

As many Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BME) students continue their struggle to be employed after university, it comes as a wonderful change that initiatives such as the Leadership Programme for Undergraduates by the Windsor Fellowship gives such a brilliant… more
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Start. Build. Grow Register NOW for your free ticket!

Start. Build. Grow  will feature Leading Business Experts from such companies as Elance, Eventbrite, Siegel+Gale and many more. These experts will take you through the core strategies of Branding, Pr and Marketing and everything you need to know to grow… more
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Skills Academy

Welcome to the 2013 Skills Academy! This is a series of seminars designed to help you to make the most of your skills and experience in an increasingly competitive graduate labour market. These events are very popular, so we recommend… more
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Careers in Accountancy and Financial Management

The stereotypical image of a grey-suited, middle-aged man in a back office crunching numbers all day is way out of date with the current role of an accountant. Yes, you need to be good with numbers, have attention to detail… more
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Learn to ace those online applications!

Friday 5th April 10am to 12pm This workshop will help you to look at the current graduate jobs market and what employers are looking for in your applications. Tips on answering competency based questions, online applications and finding work experience,… more
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Fast Track Career Workshops

In week 12 we are hosting a series of workshops and speaker events including the annual HRM conference on April 3rd this year on Talent Management: your HR career. All workshops are free to Westminster Business School students and alumni…. more
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Careers in Banking and Investment

Although hit by the credit crunch, the Eurozone crisis and the global economic downturn, the City of London is still the most highly ranked financial centre in the world, accounting for just under a third of overall employment in the… more
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