Are you a UK undergraduate student at Westminster?

Do you come from a black or Asian ethnic minority background?

Would you like a mentor to help you with your work/career choices?

This programme is being run as ‘positive action’ under the Equalities Act 2010 and aims to link you with professionals to enhance your employability through confidence building, networking and development of the key skills all employers seek. It is also a chance for you to learn about the opportunities available in specific career areas.

You will meet with your mentor once or twice a month between November and April, usually at the mentor’s workplace, although space can be made available at the university. The mentoring partnership will involve a minimum of 12 hours of your time.

In addition, you will be expected to attend a training session, then an introduction evening with your mentor. We also hope you will feed back to us at regular intervals and attend our celebration evening to mark the end of the scheme in June.

If you are interested, please complete the online application form here.


  • From my mentor- I hope I can learn the skills and maturity required in order to take the next professional step, and to do so tactfully. I have found many graduates in difficult positions, or confusion when applying for jobs. Therefore with the support of a mentor I want to make an efficient approach- to apply for positions realistic for myself and also to use the skills they have gained in their life and experiences.

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