Help the Environment : Reduce Waste: Get Yourself a KeepCup

At University of Westminster we’re trying to reduce the amount of waste produced on campus, so, together with Aramark our catering company, we’re promoting the use of reusable coffee cups through the new KeepCup scheme.

KeepCups are lightweight, reusable coffee cups that can be used at all coffee shops so you don’t have to waste disposable ones.

By using KeepCups you’ll be helping us to reduce waste, and to encourage you further you’ll be rewarded with a free hot drink when you buy a KeepCup and 10p off each time you reuse it.

So if you like coffee, saving money & the environment, get yourself a KeepCup

You can get more information about KeepCups through their interactive and interesting website.

Facts about Disposable Cups

  • International Paper estimates that annually in the United States  over 58 billion disposable cups are discarded to landfill; that is, 158 disposable cups for every US inhabitant.
  • Annually 500 billion disposable cups are manufactured around the world; that’s about 75 disposable cups for every single person on the planet.
  • Half of the plastic used in the world today is for single use items.
  • On average, each disposable cup contains 5% of the raw materials involved in the process of making and delivering it.
  • The 500 billion disposable cups we manufacture annually placed end to end could circumnavigate the earth 1,360 times.
  • 4 billion trees or 35% of the total trees chopped down are used in paper industries on every continent.
  • 1 tonne of paper consumes 98 tonnes of resources in manufacture.
  • Globally, we go through about 300 million tonnes of paper each year. Most paper is made from virgin pulp.
  • Very little recycled paper is used to make disposable cups due to health risk and contamination concerns. Because most disposable cups are coated with polyethylene, both composting and recycling of disposable cups is not common.
  • 71% of the worlds paper supply comes from diminishing forests, not tree farms or the recycling bin.
  • Consumer rubbish has increased tenfold over the  twentieth century, from 92 to 1242 pounds of product waste per person per year. This means we discard approximately 14.4 times our body weight in waste annually.
  • Taiwan discards 1.5 billion disposable cups annually. Landfill issues have given rise to new rules for establishments to give discounts to all reusable cups. The Taiwanese government has forecast a 30% reduction of disposable cup use annually, or 450 million cups.

(Information taken from the KeepCup website.)


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