Sustainable Transport conference

Last week I was delighted to attend the Sustainable Transport conference: Ultra Low Carbon Travel organised by Govtoday.

The morning plenary started well, with a talk from Isabel Dedring (Deputy Mayor of London, GLA), who introduced the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) and the new Green-er buses.

I was, however, less impressed with the idea of Electric Cars, which were the main focus of the conference. Driving a more sustainable car is not the answer to sustainable transport – it will, in my opinion, just encourage people to drive more. Taking ULEZ and Electric Cars together, I am afraid it turns out you can buy absolution from your (carbon) sins after all.

The silver lining to this cloud of exhaust fumes came in the form of two excellent sessions on cycling. Wim van der Wijk (Cycling Expert, Royal HaskoningDHV) talked about the justly famous bicycle infrastructure in the Netherlands. The High-Speed Bicycle RouteAll Direction Green (ADG), and Light Art in Tunnel projects were my favourite. Who would not want to be an artistic cyclist, changing the colour of street lights by shouting at them on your way past? I was consumed by jealousy of Dutch cyclists!

Another Bike Hire scheme was introduced towards the end of the conference by Harry Scrope (Brompton Bike Hire). A folded quality bike that you can rent for longer than 30 minutes sounds fantastic! I looked at my Barclay Cycle Hire key and frowned a bit.

Well, at least my neutral carbon travel habit could encourage you to think more about the alternative?

Tan Sapsaman
Sustainable Travel Assistant

Ella Moore

Ella Moore

Ella leads on community partnerships and works to ensure that the University has a positive social impact.
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