You may think our waste goes to landfill but you could not be more wrong.

First our waste is picked by Suez from the large wheeled bins at our different campuses then it is taken to Barking where it is bulked up onto larger vehicles. It is then driven to Tilbury Docks in Essex and turned into SRF or RDF.

SRF stands for Solid Recovered Fuel which is a fuel made from waste that is often used in cement kilns. It is made to a specific calorific value and is regularly tested to measure its quality. 95% of our waste is turned into RDF which stands for is refuse derived fuel and is mainly made from domestic waste which includes biodegradable material.

The process for both involves magnets, shredders, electrical currents and ballistic separators which work hard to remove valuable materials such as metals and plastics so that they can be recycled instead of used as fuel.

Refuse derived fuel made from our waste is used in combined heat and power facilities in Sweden and the Netherlands where they produce electricity and hot water for communal heating systems.

The picture shows representatives of the University along with other visitors walking away from the bales of waste being loaded onto a ship bound for mainland Europe.

You may think that our waste should stay within the UK but unfortunately the burners abroad are often much more efficient at extracting energy from the waste.

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Andrew Sherwood

Andrew Sherwood

Waste Coordinator at The University of Westminster
Andrew coordinates all the waste although would prefer to be known as a ‘resources’ coordinator.

He has a degree in Environmental Management and Geography and completed an MSc in Sustainability, Planning and Environmental Policy.
Andrew Sherwood

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