Appointment period: Academic year 2016/17

Accountable to: The students that you represent, Academic Liaison Librarians.

Attends: Initial Library Champions project briefing; one to one meetings with the Academic Liaison Librarian responsible for your course.

Deadline: 14 October 2016

How to apply: Contact your Academic Liaison Librarian with expressions of interest

Length of commitment: A total of between 3 – 25+ hours during the course of your year

Type of contract: Volunteering 

Role purpose:

The main purpose of the role is to ensure that the student is at the centre of how we plan and deliver our library services. If you are motivated by the need to make a positive difference to your learning experience and that of your peers; if you have ideas for making the current Library services even more responsive to the needs of students, present and future, then why not champion the Library services for your Course and let us help you make the necessary changes.


  1. To act as a conduit of communication between students and the library
  2. To feedback the outcomes of any meetings to your students
  3. To attend briefing and 1-1 meetings with Academic Liaison Librarians (once or twice termly)
  4. To make yourself known to your students
  5. To ensure that your students are informed of any developments that may affect them 

Specialist duties: Library Champion

  1. To attend regular meetings (1-2 per term) with your Academic Liaison Librarian
  2. To collate feedback on Library services / resources
  3. To act as a sounding board for Library proposals
  4. To suggest and inform service developments where appropriate
  5. To promote the Library within your department
  6. To manage a budget of £500 to be spent on Library resources identified and requested by the students you represent
  7. To acquire student feedback on Library resources in order to complete the above duty
  8. To facilitate and initiate projects you would like to run with regards to the Library Champion position 

Benefits for students

  1. An opportunity to influence decision making on library services
  2. Transferable skills development in advocacy, negotiation, pitching ideas, budgeting and promotion
  3. Improve on your communication, interpersonal and presentation skills
  4. Get an insight into the process and manner of decision making within the library


  1. Out-of-pocket expense paid upon the production of receipts
  2. If your volunteering hours are equal to or more than 25 hours, they can be recorded on your Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR)
  3. The Library will issue a certificate of achievement for all student volunteers who successfully carry out their role

For more information on the role please email Beryl Young or Jennifer Yellin

To express your interest – simply provide your details by opening this link:

Berekhet Berakhy

Berekhet Berakhy

Berekhet engages students and third sector organisations to explore volunteering, voluntary work and social enterprise for the mutual benefit of personal, professional and community development. Through this role, Berekhet contributes to achievement of the University’s CSR’s key objectives linked to Community Engagement, Students’ Employability and Experience.
Berekhet Berakhy

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