How many days per week do you eat meat? Do you know that ‘one meat free day can save enough water for 20 baths’?

Thinking about it and considering other issues related to meat production, the University of Westminster in partnership with Aramark introduces the ‘Be a Part-time Carnivore’ campaign.

After buying 4 vegetarian meals within the University canteens, such as salad, hot main vegetarian, soup, or jacket potato, the 5th vegetarian meal is free!

In the meanwhile, you can also join the University team at, make a pledge and check how much water, land and CO2 you are saving by being a part-time carnivore.

Spread the word and enjoy Aramark’s new vegetarian menu.

Jéssica Vieira

Jéssica Vieira

Sustainable Food Assistant at University of Westminster
Jéssica works on ensuring sustainable food practices in partnership with Aramark, and developing campaigns to maintain the University Fairtrade status.
Jéssica Vieira


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